Hot and Cold Balls

Hot numbers are those numbers in history that are revised in past years a lot of times. On the other hand, cold ball numbers or coldest pairs are those numbers that are drawn least time in the previous lunchtime results. The purpose of sharing such type of unique information is just to enhance your performance.

As above we have explained hot ball numbers are those that remain hottest in past year’s history and on the other hand cold ball are the least drawn number in history.

Have some plans for future draws? You can get help from history. If you want to see all the information about cold and hot ball numbers for Latest UK Lunchtime Result and Teatime Result. You can check hot and cold ball numbers for the last four years on this website.

Moreover, we up to date these statistics from time to time. The purpose of sharing this type of unique information is just to encourage the players.

13 2111 280 2,391
14 2082 314 2,396
15 2095 331 2,426
16 2018 297 2,315
17 2082 323 2,405
18 2115 307 2,422
19 2044 301 2,345
20 1974 349 2,323
21 2120 317 2,437
23 2066 313 2,379